Icaion Late Pledge

Created by Tabula Games

Test your strategic abilities in this Engine Territory Building and Resource Management board game set in the Mysthea Universe. Designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi and wonderfully illustrated by Travis Anderson, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Last 24h, Third Winner and a surprise!
5 months ago – Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 01:05:09 AM

Surprise: Last day Stretch Goal!

Hello, folks!

We cannot believe we are on the last day already. Seems like yesterday that we enthusiastically clicked that "Launch Now" button. We can say that we are very satisfied with how Icaion has been shaped thanks to this campaign. As some of you already noticed, the Qoamcopia will be our last stretch goal for this campaign. We run some numbers and we feel confident that we are going to unlock it soon and this means that this edition of Icaion will be exactly as rich as we ever hoped it could become. We will be able to bring to life everything that we wanted for this game! This is awesome!

For this reason, and to celebrate the final day of the campaign, we decided that once the Qoamcopia is unlocked, we will also automatically unlock a "Last day Stretch Goal" to add some finishing touches to this edition and to make it even more premium. We feel Icaion really deserves it! We have decided to add these upgrades to the game, entirely for free! Imagine it as a gift to all of you!

Thanks to this Last day Stretch Goal every copy of the game will also have:

  • The Print on the Back of the Division Boards, so every board will have a richer feel!
  • Unique Spot UV details on the Box, a must for a premium game!
  • Two Alternative Parasite Sculpt for the miniatures, you guys know how much we like every component in the right amount!

But before this gift, we need to unlock the last SG: the Qoamcopia! 

Time for the Third Winner!!!

The moment for the third winner has come! During the whole campaign lots of backers were highly active and we couldn't be more proud of our community for being so helpful and always ready to step in to clarify any possible doubt others may have. We appreciate it, we really do, and fortunately we can rely on our software, because it would be a really hard job to choose only one winner per week!

    Well, without further ado, let's all give a round of applause to:

Way to go, Gerald!!!
Way to go, Gerald!!!

Amazing job, Gerald, you deserve all the honors, so congratulations!!! Now you will be included in the Event Board along with your fellow backers!

Event Board with the first two winners!

Speaking of which, our leading artist Travis Anderson sent us the definite part of the Event Board with Kyle and Demithyle! You two look great, guys! Once the artist completes the Event Board by adding Gerald, we will share the ultimate result with everyone!

Kyle in the middle and Demithyle in the right!
Kyle in the middle and Demithyle in the right!

SG and SSG unlocked lately!

These are the Stretch Goals we hit in the last 48 hours, what a success!!!

One more Wonder!
One more Wonder!
More Curio cards!
More Curio cards!
Another Seeker!
Another Seeker!

Let's not forget that thanks to your engagement, we hit another Social Stretch Goal. We will add this alternative sculpt to the parasites and this will add a lot of more variety to your games! We are extremely happy about the results, this model is really marvelous and we are sure it will be great to have in the game! 

Thanks to everyone!
Thanks to everyone!

Come on, people: last day, final rush, help us making the best possible version of Icaion. Let's smash the last Stretch Goals together!!!


The last 48h of this adventure!!!
5 months ago – Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 12:40:25 AM


This campaign has been an incredibly wild ride and we are now ready for the best part: its final rush! We are thrilled about what is going to happen in these last two days, it will be amazing, so bring it on!

Last chance to upgrade your pledge!

As a reminder, if you pledged 1€ in the first 24h and you are planning to upgrade your pledge, remember to do it before the end of the campaign otherwise you won't be eligible anymore for the Early Bird reward.

There are only 48h left to do this, so don't forget to upgrade now your pledge! You will still be able to upgrade it in the pledge manager at a later date, but you won't obtain the free Aberration miniature.

Poll Results!

People have spoken! Here are the results about the Dark Bell poll!

Really amazing! Here's the new illustration of this new creepy design, so you can get a better glimpse at this eerie structure!

New unlock!

We finally unlocked the custom wooden tokens, this is a really neat upgrade that will directly impact each game you play! 

Lastly, don't forget to retweet this tweet! We only need less than 25 retweets to unlock the alternative sculpts! 

That is all for now, but stay tuned!


A new Stretch Goal is here and we need your opinion!
5 months ago – Sun, Jun 09, 2019 at 12:40:29 AM

One poll for the Dark Bell!!!

Hello, everyone! Okay, we gotta admit it: we love polls! We love how everyone gets excited and engaged by them. For us hearing our backers' feedback and giving them the possibility to choose is really important

That being said, this time our amazing modelers have made an alternative design for the Dark bell and we want your opinion on this matter. Which one do you prefer? Would you rather have a creepy bell with tentacles or do you prefer sticking with the old look of the mysterious bell?  

It is time to vote, people! How do you want the Dark Bell to be? Make your choice here! We will reveal the results in just 24h.

The Pulsar!

The Pulsar has been unlocked, this new amazing Wonder is going to be added to every copy of this extremely rich Kickstarter Edition of the game!

Tomorrow the last 48h of this campaign will start, we cannot tell you how much excitement we are feeling right now!!! What about you? Tell us in the comments!


Another SSG unlocked, Kyle artwork and more!!!
5 months ago – Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 06:39:13 PM

We have more than 600 shares already!

Wow, you guys! We are amazed by everyone's commitment: in a day we hit the First Social Stretch Goal with more than 600 shares

Now Icaion box will also contain the first Alternative pose for the Parasites miniatures!!! We think your game will look way cooler considering this alternative pose for these minis, don't you? 

Great  job, guys!!!
Great job, guys!!!

Don't forget to retweet!

Now, in order to have another customized pose, remember to retweet the tweet below. We are sure you are going to hit this one reaaal soon, guys, we only need a handful of retweets!  

Here's the work in progress of the 1st week winner!

Earlier, our leading artist Travis Anderson shared with us his work in progress of the Event Board! Have you been wondering how Kyle would look like in the artwork? Well, in our opinion he seems perfectly fitted in the Icaion universe! 

Here's Kyle with his musical instrument!
Here's Kyle with his musical instrument!

We will share the finished artwork as soon as we have it in our hands.

Stay tuned!


Another SG hit and 2 new Social Stretch Goals!!!
5 months ago – Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 01:43:10 AM

The Altar among us!

Hello, everyone!

We have so many new supporters and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you, everyone!

Lately another Wonder has been unlocked, the Altar miniature and its relative card will be part of the game, yay!

Another wonder!
Another wonder!

New SSGs: are you curious?

The end of the campaign is near and it is time to show you some juicy stuff we have been holding up our sleeve. Since our marvelous community did such an amazing job with the Social Stretch Goals so far, now here's a new Social Stretch Goal we are sure you will hit in no time. If we reach 600 shares of this post below, you will get a whole new alternative sculpt for the Parasites miniatures. Come on, we are just few shares short, what are you waiting for? 

Just 600 shares to get this, come on!!!
Just 600 shares to get this, come on!!!

Hold it, we are not done quite yet, we have another new Social Stretch Goal to show you: we just posted a new Tweet on our Twitter page and here is how this one works: if we reach 150 retweets of the new tweet below we will give you another sculpt for the Parasites miniatures!!! Are you excited as we are?

150 retweets and this alternative sculpt will be yours!!!
150 retweets and this alternative sculpt will be yours!!!

Help us make this game even more unique, share the post and retweet the tweet! We count on you, guys :)

Stay tuned,