Icaion Late Pledge

Created by Tabula Games

Test your strategic abilities in this Engine Territory Building and Resource Management board game set in the Mysthea Universe. Designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi and wonderfully illustrated by Travis Anderson, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We received the Miniatures samples, guys!!!
about 2 months ago – Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 01:42:20 AM

Pre-production minis!

Hello everyone!

Our factory just sent us the first pre-production miniature samples, and we couldn't wait to share them with you all, check them out!

We are using these to check on the detail preservation and any possible issues with the undercuts on the molds, allowing us to adjust some models in order to prevent any problem with the final miniatures.

All the miniatures are looking good, but some of these little fellas needed a couple of adjustments that are being done right now. We expect to receive new samples as soon as we update the models!

Everything is going smoothly and we are right on time with our initial estimates, actually we are a bit early that what we expected! ;)

The 2nd Edition of Barbarians: The Invasion is live on KS!

As some of you may already know, earlier this week we went live on Kickstarter with the Second Edition of our first big game "Barbarians: The Invasion". This campaign was born with the objective of upgrading and improving our first Kickstarter success, basing it on all the feedback we collected during these years from our backers. 

Discover the unique worker placement mechanic on the 3D rotating volcano!

To celebrate our first "second edition", we decided to offer to all our Returning Backers the new Mystic Set add-on entirely for free, and this includes all of you!

Check out the new campaign here if you are interested!

See you soon,


Last call for the Pledge Manager, a juicy work in progress and a surprise!
2 months ago – Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 03:20:03 AM

Here's a preview of the trays design!

Hello everyone, how is everything going?

It has been a while now, but we have been working really hard on Icaion development.

With regards to this, we wanted to share with you a juicy work in progress of the two trays our 3D modeler has worked on! All your minis will have their own spot, allowing you to store them safely and neatly inside the box. We still need the factory's confirmation for the slots' shapes and dimensions, but we thought you would appreciate to see a preview!

We hope you like them, tell us what you think in the comments.

Have a look at this mockup of the trays!

On October 9th we will close the Pledge Manager!

Soon we will take care of the first phase of our post-campaign management: we will lock all the orders on Backerkit and charge the credit cards.

So, if you need to change your add-ons, switch your pledge level or adjust your payment information in the survey, we suggest to do it as soon as possible. The deadline for any modification of your order is October 9th at 13:00 CET. Please take into consideration that, after this date, it will no longer be possible to upgrade your pledge nor edit your add-ons. Passed that deadline, it will only possible to modify your shipping information.

If you have any issue or doubts about the survey, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@tabula.games and they will be happy to help you out!

The English deck has been unlocked really fast! 

Speaking of add-ons, we are really happy to say that you managed to unlock the Additional English decks with written text add-on in no time! 

For those who don't remember this, we stated that if we received at least 200 requests for this add-on, we would have reprinted it. Well, so far we counted more than 550 backers who added this to their order, so, as promised, we will reprint the Mysthea English decks: are you happy? :)

Remember that, as stated in our last update, if you are among those who have a €1 pledge, you won't have the chance to add any add-ons at all if you don't upgrade your pledge first. By choosing a pledge that contains at least one copy of Icaion you will then have access to all sorts of add-ons.

A special thanks to a special backer: Pawel Stróżyk! 

We don't know if you followed the comments section during the campaign, but we sure did!

When the campaign was live, your fellow backer Pawel Stróżyk showed us his passion for the Mysthea Universe by posting every once in a while parts of a story he came up with set in the world of Icaion.

We appreciated his creative spirit so much that we thought the least we could do was to release his work by giving it more of an Icaion look and allowing everyone to read his words!

Thus, give a round of applause to Pawel Stróżyk and enjoy "The Symbiote Seeker"

Read this community sourced story!

We will be in touch soon, so stay tuned!


The Pledge Manager is open!
4 months ago – Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 02:37:17 AM

Post-campaign surveys!

Hello, folks! We are happy to announce that the Pledge manager is finally open, yay! 

Our Pledge manager is BackerKit and, if you are not familiar with how it operates, it will initially send the post-campaign survey to just the 5% of backers as a test to check if everything works fine. This is called a "Smoke Test" and it has been sent out to around 200 lucky backers! So, we suggest to take a closer look at your inbox: you could be one of the first backers that will access the pledge manager!

Afterwards, if no issues arise with this smoke test, it will be sent out to all the inboxes of our backers!

In Backerkit you will be asked to fill in all the fields regarding the address for shipping purposes and get the chance to pay for the shipping fees to your region. Additionally, you will also be able to get any add-on items you like. On the post-campaign survey it will also be possible to upgrade your pledge level!

We will give everyone the chance to fill their survey for a while. It will be possible to modify your selection and shipping address until we lock everything down and charge the cards. Don't worry, as soon as we are ready for the final lockdown we will post an update announcing it!

Early Birds: you are all set!

A message to all Early Birds, please take into account that your reward will be automatically included into your order, so you won't need to add the Aberration Miniature to your cart by yourself (unless you want an additional copy!) and you will be receiving it alongside the other items you chose!

Returning Backers: deadline to get your name inside the box!

Just at the beginning of your survey you will be asked if you want to see your name in our Thank You Page/inside the box/inside the rulebook. Eligibility for the placement of the name varies depending if you are a returning backer, check out this page to see if you are eligible to have your name printed inside the box or rulebook.

The deadline for providing the name you wish inside the box or rulebook will be July 17th at 17:00 CEST.  

To give us the name of your choice, just click on the answer, and then proceed to put the name that you want to see.

After this deadline, the files will be exported for production so we won't be able to edit them anymore. Thus, keep in mind that those who will not answer this question in time won't see their name inside the box or rulebook! Don't worry though, you can still edit the rest of the survey after this date.

1€ folks: how to upgrade your pledge!

If you are among those who have a €1 pledge, you won't have access to any add-on unless you upgrade your pledge. Once you upgrade it to a level that contains 1 copy of Icaion, you will be able to access all the add-ons at the prices displayed during the campaign.

To upgrade your pledge level, just click "Switch your pledge level" under the green button "Get Started" and choose whatever you prefer, as shown in the screen below!

Everyone will of course have the chance to upgrade their pledge by following the step above regardless of their pledge level!

Everyone: tons of Add-ons!

In the pledge manager we will have a lot of add-ons and exciting new items that aren't part of any pledge like the hardcover Artbook "The Art of Icaion", a unique collector's item featuring the wonderful Artwork of Travis, exclusive concept art that gives a glimpse on his creative process and also the Lore of this game. 

Additionally, you can also grab the "Mysthea Miniatures Bundle" to add three Monster Miniatures and their cards to your collection, ensuring a higher replay value to Mysthea!

But this is not all! You can also get a copy of Volfyirion, both the Card Game and the Dragon Miniature! 🐉

Special Add-ons available!

After receiving tons of requests about add-ons from our previous campaigns, we decided to include as add-ons some items that we have left in stock.

The most requested item is the Additional English Decks with written text. A lot of backers were worried about Mysthea icons readability and wanted to grab a copy of the deck. We have only 30 copies left of that deck and we have decided to offer them as an add-on! But since there are way more of you than just 30, we also added an intriguing option: if 200 backers request this add-on on BackerKit, we will reprint it and add it for everyone to take!

This is possible thanks to a neat feature of BackerKit that allows us to offer this item only if we reach the quantity needed for production. If we don't, your cards won't be charged for this item!

Lastly, we also have extra stock of some Language Packs, these include the translated rulebook and five reference sheets translated in either of these languages: Italian, German, French! These are also in limited quantities, but we believe it's more than enough to satisfy anyone.

This is it for now, but if you have any trouble with your survey don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@tabula.games with your questions!


The Event Board in our hands!
5 months ago – Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 01:33:14 AM

Our three Winners in the Icaion universe!

Hello, everyone!

How is everything going? On our end everything is going smoothly! In our offices lately we have been real busy playtesting and arranging everything, but we wanted to show up for a quick update anyway! 

The final version of the Event Board is now in our hands and we are thrilled to share it with you all!

Gerald on the left, Kyle in the middle and Demithyle on the right!
Gerald on the left, Kyle in the middle and Demithyle on the right!

What do you think? In our opinion Travis outdid himself with this artwork and our three backers could not look better than this!

Now we have the honor to officially confer these three fellas the titles they deserve for all their help:

  • Sir Kyle the Mentor, Warden of Knowledge, Newcomers' Light.
  • Sir Demithyle the Exalted, Bringer of Posts, Bony Harald.
  • Sir Gerald the Yle, Guardian of the Comment Section, wielder of "Spammer" the legendary not-so-smart-smartphone.

Again, congratulations, guys!!!

We will be back soon with further updates regarding the production of Icaion and the opening of the pledge manager!

If you had problems with your pledge and you want to reach our support team in the meantime, feel free to contact them at support@tabula.games.

Stay tuned!


Before the end of this amazing ride, we still have a surprise!
5 months ago – Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 12:55:11 AM

What a journey, thank you!

Hello, everyone!

Well, what can we say? This adventure was filled with huge achievements for sure. Together with all of our backers we witnessed to Icaion's creation and development. What first started as an idea, became reality day after day, Stretch Goal after Stretch Goal and we could not be more proud of the final outcome! So we would like to take a moment to thank every single one of you, for being there every day, filling our days with amazing surprises, for believing in us and in our project and contributing to its realization!

One last surprise!

Now, even though the weekly rewards have come to an end, we feel it is necessary to give a special thanks to another backer of ours. Other than being real supportive towards his fellow backers he always found a way to engage people through his great writing...you know who we are referring to, don't you? 

THANK YOU, PAWEL! The passion you showed towards the world we created is really rewarding and for this reason, our special gift to you is to publish your story on our website for the whole world to read and enjoy! We will work together with Pawel to adjust and fine tune some details and, as soon as possible, we will release it and notify you all! 

Icaion will be stunning!

We now have more than 3900 backers, more than 7700 comments in the comment section and tons of Stretch Goals and Social Stretch Goals have been smashed! Icaion will be amazing indeed thanks to all these upgrades. Here's a recap of what you will get:

  • 1 Game Board (double-sided)
  • 1 Event Board 
  • 5 Division Boards (double layered and double sided)
  • 5 Emergency Power Supply Tiles 
  • 15 Apparatus Tiles (double sided)
  • 150 Qoam Crystals (five colors)
  • 10 Colored Bases  
  • 5 Reputation Markers (customized)
  • 7 Seeker Cards
  • 10 Specialized Gear Cards 
  • 8 Event Cards (5 Region Cards and 3 Colossus Cards)
  • 50 Curio Cards 
  • 10 Reference Cards 
  • 1 Rulebook 
  • 1 Game Box (Spot UV details)
  • 1 Compendium App (Interactive Rulebook and Predetermined Setup)
  • 1 Improved Tray 

And that's not all! Lots of highly-detailed miniatures will get to your table as well:

  • 1 Colossus Miniature (with 16 Primal Shards)
  • 7 Seekers Miniatures
  • 15 Scavengers Miniatures 
  • 15 Refiners Miniatures
  • 15 Harvesters Miniatures
  • 25 Parasites Miniatures (in 5 different poses)
  • 7 Wonders Miniatures 
...FOR NOW!!!
...FOR NOW!!!