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Test your strategic abilities in this Engine Territory Building and Resource Management board game set in the Mysthea Universe. Designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi and wonderfully illustrated by Travis Anderson, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

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Download the Mysthea Universe App!
5 days ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 08:16:23 PM

The App is available, read more details!

Hello guys, how is everyone?

Today we wanted to touch base to let you know that now the App of Icaion is available. We basically extended the Mysthea App by adding the Icaion and Mysthea: The Fall contents and the result is the Mysthea Universe App. You can download it both for IOS and Android below :)

The Mysthea Universe App!

In the main page, after selecting the game you want to explore, if you click the menu in the top-right corner you can then choose the language you are most comfortable with for the whole app. Afterwards, the options showcased will be:

  • "Cards Reference"
  • "Game Setup"
  • "Rulebook" containing downloadable rulebooks in 8 different languages to choose from (DE, EN, ES, FR, GR, IT, JP and PT)
  • "Extras" with the Lore and Artworks 

Please check an image for reference.

Screenshot of the Icaion main page

Now everyone can dive deeper in our awesome Mysthea Universe! It's only up to you where to begin, so what are you waiting for? 😊

Mysthea: The Fall -> Other translated rulebooks!

We just added these other translated rulebooks to our website for you to download, thanks for all the great work of the translators :)

That is it, guys, hope you'll like the App! 

Stay tuned and safe!


Latest on shipping, Icaion on TTS and more translated rulebooks!
3 months ago – Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 12:46:13 AM

Shipping so far!

Hi there!

Here's a recap of the global fulfillment for Icaion.

Luckily in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and Europe (Italy included) - with few delivery exceptions - the parcels have been delivered!

In Asia our logistic partner is actively working to complete Icaion’s fulfillment, but by now we have reached the halfway point.

Thankfully we just received word that in China and in Hong Kong the parcels have all been sent out.

On the other hand, many other countries are currently under lock down like: UAE, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Philippine, Russia, Vietnam.

Taiwan has been recently opened to shipments, but it’s still not accepting a large amount of parcels at a time, so they are going to be sent gradually.

Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are estimated to be shipped in the next couple of weeks.

Since we are aware of the extraordinary difficulties linked to the Covid-19 Virus, we are constantly in touch with our partners, monitoring the situation, country by country and day by day.

We will keep everyone updated and for any specific request, as you know, feel free to reach us at support@tabula.games.

#Stayhome #Playhard: Icaion is on TTS!

As we previously announced, Icaion is available on TableTop Simulator!!! If you haven't received your copy yet due to the current worldwide situation, now you can enjoy the game here by playing it with your friends online! 🤩

A little preview of what awaits you!

Icaion on TableTop Simulator

More rulebooks in our hands!

We are happy to share with everybody 4 additional translated rulebooks (please find them below)! A big thank you goes to our translators!!! Speaking of which, 2 of them: Kostas Fanakis (Greek translation) and Krzysztof Piwowarski (Polish translation) are community translators, so in our humble opinion they both deserve a round of applause, don't you think? 👏

Below the other rulebooks we previously released in case you missed them ^_^

When we have more rulebooks ready we will release them in a new update!

Stay safe and tuned!


Surprise: Icaion on TableTop Simulator!!!
3 months ago – Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 08:48:55 PM

TableTop Simulator will include Icaion!

Hello dear backers, how are you?

We are currently gathering the most updated information about the shipping from our logistics partner and real soon we will post another update to inform you about that topic too (along with other rulebooks translated).

Yet today, we are touching base because we have a big news for you all! We all wish these unprecedented times will make room for the every day life we were all used to in no time. Hopefully everything will get back to normal real soon. Yet, in the meantime, we at Tabula Games thought of a way for people to enjoy the second chapter of our Trilogy with their friends also and above all during this worldwide lockdown!

Therefore we are thrilled to announce that our beloved Icaion will be available on TableTop Simulator starting on Monday 13th!

Now there is a way for you to spend a fun game night with your friends and family, also if momentarily apart 😊

Here is a work in progress of what you will find on TableTop Simulator, enjoy!

Are you excited as we are?

Stick with us!


Shipping news, Thank you Page, some Rulebooks and a new campaign online!
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 07:59:53 PM

Latest on shipping

Hi everyone!

We know that many of you, despite the very critical situation we are all facing worldwide, have already managed to receive Icaion and we really appreciate your enthusiastic comments, thank you!

So luckily in Australia, New Zealand, US and Europe with very few delivery exceptions, the majority of parcels are on their way to you or have already been delivered!

Our logistic partners worked hard to not be overwhelmed by the actual crisis, so a special thanks goes to all the employees who made this possible in this unforeseen situation!

Now about the critical or at least uncertain situations, unfortunately we were informed that in Canada, even if Icaion was packed, the fulfillment was shut down because it was deemed as a non-essential service. Therefore those parcels cannot leave until the country is running again. Our partner assured us they will be able to complete the orders shortly after the return to business.

In Asia aviation in various countries has been reduced mainly for medical supplies and it is difficult to clear custom, so fulfillment may not be issued so quickly as usual.

Middle East, Vietnam and Philippine Hubs were already locked down. VFI Asia will do all that is in their power to go ahead with the shipments as much as possible.

In Italy all the parcels were prepared for shipping, but our partner cannot massively give them to the few couriers still working, due to the severe restrictions brought on by this delicate time here in Italy, so fulfillment will take place in more smaller batches than usual and for this reason we have to expect a delay.

The situation for the fulfillment in general, due to the Coronavirus, is changing day by day so thank you for your patience and we will let you know as soon as we have more updated information!

Thank You Page and some Rulebooks for you!

We are very happy to share with you the Thank You Page!! You can find it below: thank you again to everyone who supported us!

Thank you page

Also, we have finally some rulebooks ready for you all, so you can download them right away!

Let's give a round of applause to all the translators for their great job, thank you guys!! 👏

Don't worry, those missing (Italian, Greek, Polish and Spanish) will be released as soon as they are ready through another update ;)

Sanctuary: The Keepers Era live on Kickstarter!

As some of you might already be aware, we launched a new campaign named Sanctuary: The Keepers Era

Keep reading if you are interested in discovering more about the Early Bird and our brand new portal for Returning Backers!

Back it now and get the Early Bird!

Special Early Bird offer!

Special Early Bird for the first three days!

Tabula Pulse: our Returning Backers portal!

Since our backers have always been the beating heart of our projects, we decided to create Tabula Pulse, a dedicated portal where they can redeem their rewards as Returning Backers. So what are you waiting for? Go check your energy level and discover what you will get!

Redeem your rewards!

Stay tuned!


Start of the fulfillment!
4 months ago – Wed, Mar 04, 2020 at 01:27:49 AM

Shipping process is going great!

Hello everyone! As promised, here's a brief follow up on the shipping to let you stay in the know.

We are happy to tell you that things are going smoothly, now let's get to the juicy part straight away! ;)

Start of the American fulfillment!

The American fulfillment is starting right now, in fact the first parcels are being shipped!! :)

Asian fulfillment

As you imagine in Asia shipping processes and other services have been unfortunately slowed down by the Coronavirus. Our partner VFI is working hard to keep up with the backlog and we are constantly reaching out to them to collect as much precise information as possible. As soon as we know more we will of course update you all!

Fulfillment of Australia and New Zealand

Our partner, Unicorn Games, confirmed that the fulfillment will start within next week!

European fulfillment

Our partner will start shipping the parcels from next week, of course being the amount of European parcels really high they will be split in different waves. We don't know in detail which parcels will be shipped first, but due to logistics reasons we can tell that probably Italian ones will be ready before the others.

We will keep you posted about the process' future steps!

Stay tuned.